How to Improve Physical Fitness for a Better Life

4 - How to Improve Physical Fitness for a Better Life

Probably the way to improve your physical fitness that you know is exercising. In fact, the main goal of physical fitness is the ability to perform daily activities without feeling too tired. The benefits of exercise can really add to fitness by increasing the body’s energy levels. How to keep the body healthy and fit, however, cannot be achieved through simple training. There are many ways to improve physical fitness that you need to do such as:

Walk for at least 30 minutes every day.
Eat lots of fruits and vegetables.
Get 7-8 hours of sleep a night.
Do not smoke.
Avoid stress.

In fact, the main goal of physical fitness is not just that the body is healthy and fit. The benefit of having a healthy body is also that you have an overall better quality of life. Because the benefits of physical fitness are that you also have free energy to fill your free time and other sudden or unexpected activities.

Of course, you remember the saying “men over there in Corpore Sano”, right? In a healthy body there has to be a healthy mind. Yes! By staying in shape, you indirectly improve your physical and mental health. Here are ways to improve physical fitness so that the body is always in shape and the mind is always healthy. Susu Etawa

1. Exercise routine
It cannot be denied that the main goal of physical fitness can be achieved through regular exercise. The WHO recommends everyone between the ages of 18 and 65 to exercise regularly for at least 150 minutes a week. Better to divide your exercise time into 15 to 30 minutes a day. You can also install for 10 minutes three times a day or 2 times a day for 15 minutes. Do it for at least 3-5 days a week. An effective way to exercise is to start slowly with low-to-medium intensity exercises. For example jogging, cycling, aerobics or swimming.

2. Move actively
Don’t worry if you can’t reach your goal of exercising 150 minutes a week. Try to stay active as much as possible to keep the body healthy and fit. In other words, if you want to have a healthy body, leave the Sedentari lifestyle, also known as Lean (lazy to move), from now on.

3. Eat healthy and balanced foods
How to improve physical fitness through physical activity must be balanced with sufficient food intake to recharge the energy used. Eating regularly can also increase your energy levels to continue your activities. However, you shouldn’t eat carelessly either. Unhealthy foods make you even less energetic.